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  • Cut the “Small-Business” Tax: Small businesses are the economic engine of New York City, but ballooning regulatory costs and never-ending fines inhibit growth and job creation.  As Mayor, Jack Hidary will cut this small-business tax and spur economic growth from the ground up.
  • Make New York the leading city in the world to start and grow a business.  Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of NYC and the US.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to start a business and we will bring startup services to all five boroughs.  
  • Improve Access to Microfinancing: Develop services to provide low-interest loans for those who cannot borrow money from a bank to start their own business.  There is a huge untapped resource of energy, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit in our population that microfinancing can help unleash.
  • Build Small Business Incubators in All Five Boroughs: Shared working space and incubators bring more diversity to the startup scene and attract and support talent and innovation.  Budding entrepreneurs are also faced with black hole of regulations and requirements, and incubators and shared workspaces can help small businesses navigate and cut down on the cost of meeting them.  These shared workspaces will be built by the private sector with direction and support from EDC.
  • Deploy Skills Workshops in All Five Boroughs: New York City needs to deepen the talent pool of our citizens, and provide them with necessary skills and greater opportunities.  Our graduation rates may be steadily growing, but only 38% of our high school graduates are considered ready for college or a career.  In addition to improving our schools with innovative options that encourage critical thought and group problem solving, we need to encourage practical learning with apprenticeships and job-specific training.
  • Recognize and Encourage New Areas of Economic Opportunity: As an entrepreneur, Jack Hidary has demonstrated an exceptional ability to see around economic corners. He has been a successful entrepreneur in pioneering sectors of our economy—tech and renewable energy.  As Mayor, he will actively identify and promote new areas of potential growth for New York City such as healthy food businesses and new areas of research and development. 

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